The idea of conference

     The social reality may serve as a starting point for the formulation of questions concerning relevant areas of rehabilitation actions. The 8th conference “Behind the curtain of rehabilitation” is intended to serve as a platform for the exchange of views and initiation of the discussion regarding the scope of preventive and rehabilitation effects in the context of contemporary challenges. Similarly as it was during the previous conference meetings, we plan to organize a discussion concerning the rules according to which penitentiary institutions function, including questions about the application of new technologies in serving custodial sentences, the transformation of probation actions and the involvement of society in the enforcement of judicial decisions as well as the reflection on prevention. The outlined areas of conference discussion confronted with the new social reality, open the space for the exchange of views and discussion for lawyers, criminologists, penologists, rehabilitation pedagogues, ethicists and practitioners both domestic and from abroad. The conference is due to take place on 9th September 2022 held online via the Teams app.